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Energy-Boosting Wrap Yorkshire

Instant energy from the carbs in the high-GI tortilla and digestible protein from the hummus to help build muscle.

Sherbet Sweatshop
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Sporting Bodies Gym
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Fitness Machine
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Living Well Health Clubs
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Energy-Boosting Wrap

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What you get

Instant energy from the carbs in the high-GI tortilla and digestible protein from the hummus to help build muscle.

When to eat it

Two hours before hitting the weights room.

To make

Spread one heaped tablespoon of hummus along the centre of a tortilla wrap and place a tablespoon of diced red pepper on top. Add a handful of spinach, season with ground black pepper and roll it up.


Hummus is a low-fat source of protein, packed with iron and vitamin C. Its zinc content helps to manufacture testosterone, which encourages muscle growth and fat burning.

Tortilla wrap

Crammed with energy-boosting B vitamins, a white-flour wrap will fend off a mid-workout energy slump thanks to its high glycaemic rating and high carb content.

Red peppers

Peppers will provide you with a good dose of vitamin C. This will boost your immune system, help protect your cells from free-radical damage and strengthen capillaries.


Spinach should be found in every man's fridge. It's positively bursting with nutrients, including a powerful punch of iron, which is vital for getting oxygen to your muscles.

Ground black pepper

Black pepper increases the production of hydrochloric acid, which improves digestion and allows your body to absorb the goodness from this wrap.

Energy-boosting wrap

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