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Football Fitness Horsham

Turn your gym strength into energy and speed on the pitch and get stuck in to the opposition. Read the following article and get more information about that.

Cloud Nine Fitness Centre
01444 415229
The Orchards
Haywards Heath

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Hearts Health Club
0151 9240004
5-11 Little Crosby Road

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L A Fitness Plc
020 83467253
East End Road

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Gym & Trim Health & Fitness Club
01473 219600
29 Grafton Way

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Ultra Bodies Gym Of Bedford
01234 351537
Shuttleworth Road

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T H F Southern Ltd
023 92499522
5 Hayward Business Centre

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New Fitness 2
01253 342565
6A St. Annes Road

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Real Fitness
0113 2664449
139 Street Lane

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Studio One To One Fitness
01392 274397
18 Lower North Street

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Olympic Sport Gymnasium
0161 3431019
Portland Street South
Ashton Under Lyne

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Football Fitness

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If you want to improve your football fitness then turning out for the Dog and Duck once a week isn’t really going to cut it. You need functional strength and power, and explosive, plyometric exercises are the best way to build this. ‘The reactive power of a Premier League footballer is phenomenal,’ says Everton’s head of sports science Dave Billows. ‘I’ve worked with lots of athletes, including sprinters, and footballers can accelerate over the first 20 metres faster than anyone. The first five metres are so important in football because if your pick-up isn’t quick enough, you aren’t going to keep hold of the ball.’

But getting off the mark with lightning speed can play havoc with your joints. This means to avoid injury you need to follow a dynamic warm-up that fully activates your stabilising muscles in a controlled zone. ‘At Everton, we do “pre-habilitation” to prevent injuries,’ says Billows. ‘A lot of the strength work we do is designed to tighten up the joints, and to give them more resistance to the forces they’ll be exposed to during a match. You need flexibility but you need it under control.’

Workout to build a better sprint:

  • Plyometric box leap
  • Slec sprint
  • Lateral lunge run

Pre-match warm-up:

  • Lateral knee roll
  • Lateral step
  • Running squat brake

Football skill:

  • Lay-off header and shot


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