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The Best Home Gyms 3 Newtownabbey

Having unlimited funds to spend on your home gym might be ideal, but it still leaves questions. What, for example, do you need to include to get the most out of your workouts? The answer is the same sort of kit that you’d find in any other gym.

028 90330055
115-119 Royal Avenue

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L A Fitness Plc
028 90328816
Adelaide Street

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Arena Health & Fitness Club
028 90741235
100-150 York Gate Shopping Centre

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Waistline Health Studio
028 38338467
7 Little West Street

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2 Tone
028 87727444
53 Scotch Street

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028 28267365
10 Point Street

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Take 30 Fitness Centre
028 38341919
Unit 31-33 Cido Business Complex

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Zoom Leisure
020 8427 1957
Harrow View
Programs & Services
Zoom Leisure Harrow Is One Of The Best Value Health Clubs In The Area. And We Strive To Provide A Quality Customer Service Level To Exceed Your Expectations. Our Team Of Fitness Professionals Are Always Available To Give You The Indivdual Help

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Hillmount Health Studio
028 43768380
51 Kilkeel Road

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Reps Gym
028 25646010
5A Mill Street

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The Best Home Gyms 3

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Designed for: The user is a regular exerciser who is in good shape. He wants to work on his all-round fitness, has unlimited funds and demands the best of everything. The gym needs to be a work of art in its own right.

Designed by: Gym Company. Visit gymcompany.co.uk or call 0800 328 4440.
Having unlimited funds to spend on your home gym might be ideal, but it still leaves questions. What, for example, do you need to include to get the most out of your workouts? The answer is the same sort of kit that you’d find in any other gym – a top-of-the-range weights set-up and some quality cardio machines. ‘The basics stay the same, but what you’re paying for is better quality kit that’s robust and fits the aesthetic of your gym,’ says Simon Watson, product director at Gym Company.

Watson designed our blowout gym and included some fancy extras. ‘We’ve got a PowerPlate in there, which is a worthwhile investment if you’ve got the cash,’ he says. ‘They recruit a huge amount of muscle fibres and are good at regenerating damaged muscle tissue. The reaction trainer’s more of a luxury, but it’s great fun and good for improving your reactions and mobility. It’s made up of three vertical poles, each with pads, sensors and lights at the top, middle and bottom. You touch the pads, and the lights and sounds move randomly to indicate a new target.’

But having unlimited cash doesn’t mean you have to squeeze as much kit into the room as possible. ‘For safety reasons and for your own comfort, you don’t want too much kit,’ says Watson. ‘It’s best to have some space around your cardio machines and weight benches so that you’ve got an enjoyable space for working out. If you enjoy spending time in your home gym, you’re more likely to work out there – and that’s what’ll benefit you in the long run.’

The Cost:

1 Gym Company Power Rack, £850
‘A power rack allows you to practise your squats and bench without a spotter or the restriction of a Smith machine. This is one of the toughest power racks around, but it’ll also fit the aesthetic of the rest of the gym.’ gymcompany.co.uk

2 Gym Company Olympic Weight Tree, £200
‘This is essential for keeping all your plates in order. You don’t want to leave them on the floor and risk tripping over them.’ gymcompany.co.uk

3 Escape Fitness Reaction Trainer, £7,770
‘This is something you normally only see in gyms, but it’s a great bit of kit and worth it if you've got the money. You can use it with your iPod so that it plays the music through a speaker in the target pad until you punch it, then the music moves to a new target.’ escapefitness.com

4 Reebok Fitness Vertical Medicine Ball Rack, £130

‘A variety of medicine balls is important for different exercises and to ensure that you progress properly.' reebokfitness.co.uk

5 Life Fitness Club Series Upright bike, £1,495
‘This home version of the health club model has lots of workout options. It makes hardly any noise and it’s self-powered, so you can move it around without having to worry about leads and plugs. The seat is also very comfortable.' gymcompany.co.uk

6 WaterRower M1 LoRise, £1,250
‘A lot of gyms use the Concept rowers, but our customers prefer to use WaterRowers because they’re more comfortable and a lot quieter.’ waterrower.co.uk

7 Life Fitness CST Club Series Treadmill, £3,995

‘This is commercial-grade kit designed to cope with constant use, so it’ll last for years in a home gym. It also has a FlexDeck shock-absorption feature, which reduces impact by 40 per cent. If you had a slightly lower budget, you could opt for the 7 Series, which for home use is almost as good as this machine.’ gymcompany.co.uk

8 Life Fitness CSX Club Series Elliptical Cross-trainer, £4,695 (inc TV)

‘This offers plenty of programmes and settings to vary your workout. The action’s silky smooth and the frame is solid steel, which is much sturdier than the cheaper models that use plastic and aluminium. The action is identical to that of commercial models and we’ve added a built-in TV to keep you entertained.’ gymcompany.co.uk

9 Gym Company Glute Ham Raise Bench, £895
‘Too many people neglect their lower back when they’re working their abs. This machine can be used for back extensions as part of an all-round abs routine.’ gymcompany.co.uk

10 Jon Bowskill Independent Rowing Machine, £3,495
‘We worked with one of the UK’s most respected functional training specialists, Jon Bowskill, to develop a completely independent and adjustable rowing machine. He identified a need for a machine that allowed rowing movements to be performed at any angle. We’ve built these for many of his clients, including the Saudi Royal Family.’ gymcompany.co.uk

11 Life Fitness Dual Pulley and Multi Adjustable Bench, £2,694
‘Most serious gyms will include some sort of cable system because it allows you to work in all three planes of motion. This one expands the range of exercises you can do and pairing it with the bench increases your workout options.’ gymcompany.co.uk

12 Escape Fitness 2-20kg Dumb-bell Rack and Dumb-bells, £785

‘If you’re prepared to spend the money, you should get a gym-style dumb-bell rack because you won’t have to worry about adjusting your weights between sets. That means you can concentrate on lifting and taking the right amount of rest.’ escapefitness.com

13 KBC Kettlebell Rack, £1,130
‘As with the medicine balls, you will need a range of kettlebells because you need a heavier weight for a squat than you do for a snatch, for example. You will also want to use increasingly heavier weights as you improve.’ physicalcompany.co.uk

14 PowerPlate Pro 5 Air, £8,194
‘You mostly see these in gyms, but they’re getting increasingly popular with home clients. They make even basic exercises such as the press-up much tougher. Somebody who does 30 press-ups normally might struggle to do five on a PowerPlate.' gymcompany.co.uk

Total cost: £37,578

The best home gyms 3

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