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What's in Your Protein Shake? Durham

Here's what's really in those expensive muscle-building shakes you've been sinking after sessions at the gym. The most popular protein shake type, whey, is derived from milk. It's digested and absorbed relatively quickly, making it useful for post-exercise recovery.

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What's in Your Protein Shake?

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most popular protein shake type, whey, is derived from milk. It's
digested and absorbed relatively quickly, making it useful for
post-exercise recovery. It also has a higher concentration of essential
amino acids
than whole milk, which may help minimise muscle protein
immediately after exercise.

which makes up 80 per cent of the protein content of milk, is made up
of larger protein molecules, which are digested more slowly than whey,
providing a slow, steady release of amino acids into the bloodstream.
This slow release is what many experts argue makes it the best protein
to use before going to sleep at night or for breakfast.

Which should you use after a workout?

Many people forget that they can mix their whey with casein
(milk). After a workout, a cup of milk [250ml]
with a 25g scoop of protein powder equates to a big chunk of
fast-acting whey right when you need it, with the added benefit of 16g
of long-acting casein.

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What's in your protein shake?

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